BCSE Revealed

Former Members Speak

What kind of organisation is the BCSE? Is it bona fide, or thoroughly fraudulent? Some striking testimonies have come from those who, for various reasons, parted company with it.

  • "Fact Check" - the verdict of Marc Draco, an activist who had the good sense to see that a small group of anti-Christian activists dishonestly pretending to be scientific experts was not a good thing to continue his involvement in.
  • "Fact Check 2" - in which Michael Roberts, described on the BCSE's website as a "member", tells me that he really thought about them. See also this story, with more telling comments by Roberts.
  • "Liars and Thieves" - the words of one former committee member.

Many former members didn't tell the Internet what they were doing, but they voted with their feet. Here are three articles documenting the collapse in the BCSE's membership, and/or its failure to recruit:

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