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The "British Centre for Science Education" is fundamentally one large exercise in deception. Its basic mode of operation has been to:

  • Give itself a grand-sounding name. National scientific experts!
  • Go on the radio, write to the newspapers, lobby MPs, etcetera, signing off its letters or announcing its representatives with such grand-sounding titles as "Chairman, British Centre for Science Education". (The fellow in question was actually an assistant IT worker!).
  • Author a website full of authoritative-sounding proclamations
The BCSE: Deceit
  • ... and just forget to tell anyone that in fact they are a tiny group of folk without qualifications or credentials in the areas they pronounce on, whose real agenda is to make sure that nobody questions the dogma of Darwinism. Its members are generally atheist activists of the Richard Dawkins variety, whose end goal is to discredit any kind of supernatural religion in general, and evangelical Christianity in particular.

As such, "deception" is a cover word which could include almost all the BCSE's activities, documented throughout this website. This page, seeks to collect a few particularly egregious examples of misrepresentation, deceit, and outright lying.

  • "Freedom, Pluralism and Deception 2" - whereas the BCSE's website claims that they have no religious agenda, this page documents three members of the BCSE committee as having signed a petition to the prime minister to outlaw religious instruction from parents to their own children.
  • "Cognitive Dissonance" - this article documents the wide gulf between the BCSE's "official" rhetoric on their website about being motivated by science, and their own semi-private conversations in which they say the exact opposite.
  • "More Deception From The BCSE" - in which I document how the BCSE made a submission to the National Learning Centre, providing recommendations on the development of the science curriculum - but conveniently omitting to mention that none of them had taught in an school classroom, or had any other relevant qualifications or right to have a say in the matter, or why they were posing as a national centre of expertise.
  • The BCSE And The National Secular Society - documenting another instance in which the BCSE distributed a press release widely, representing itself as a group of experts, conveniently forgetting to mention their actual identities.
  • "Questions Ducked" : Here is a list of several questions which the BCSE cannot and has not been able to answer about itself and its activities.

See Also:

  • "Finally, and let's be 100% clear about this, I am not now and have never been a member of the BSCE", and "I am against fighting alongside other members of BSCE who are, themselves, religiously motivated" and "One of the reasons I distanced myself from the BSCE is for the very reason you have pinned that they are ... a small number of individuals claiming to be something bigger than they are." - the words of one individual who helped the BCSE in its starting up phase.
  • "liars and thieves" - the words of one former BCSE committee member.
  • Bogus Credentials - numerous cases in which the BCSE, lacking actual scientific credentials, have been caught out seeking to con people into believing that the reality is otherwise.
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