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Bogus Credentials

One of the BCSE's favourite ploys is to claim that those who question Darwinism's factual basis are unqualified cranks. In one particularly egregious incident, the BCSE's leader, a man whose entire working life has been in management consultancy, accused a fellow of the Institute of Physics and a university professor of being ignorant of physics.


When I began investigating, however, it soon turned out that charging others with having bogus credentials was not a good game for the BCSE to get into. A national centre for science education founded and run by a team none of whom are research scientists or educators (and only one who once was) is the very definition of bogus. IT consultants and managers, writing to the government claiming to be scientific experts; what exactly was the word "bogus" invented for, if not for this? In my research, I discovered numerous examples of the BCSE seeking to cover up this embarrassing lack by providing grossly misleading and downright deceitful descriptions of its leaders' qualifications.

Miscellaneous Articles

  • What is the National Curriculum? - demonstrating that at the very time that the BCSE were trying to persuade MPs to listen to them, the BCSE's internal discussions showed not only that none of its leaders had ever seen a copy of the National Curriculum, they did not even have an accurate idea of what it was!
  • Who Are The Members? Who Are The Members? (Part 3 - in the days after its initial launch but before the BCSE had named any of its leadership, I named ten core individuals, documenting their lack of experience in science education, and their credentials as campaigning atheists. When the BCSE eventually named seven leaders, all seven of them turned out to be on the list I had revealed many weeks before).

Inflating Your Credentials

In this series, I began examining the BCSE's claims about the qualifications of its chairman, Mr. Michael Brass, and the very different reality behind them.

  • Part one, giving an over-view of the BCSE's past history in grossly exaggerating its qualifications.
  • Part two, giving a short over-view of previous research into the BCSE's chairman, Mr. Michael Brass.
  • Part three, exposing Mr. Brass's actual job as an assistant IT worker, in contrast to the BCSE's representation of him as a professional archaeologist.
  • Part four, revealing the reality behind the BCSE's description of Brass as a "published" author.
  • Part five, examining Michael Brass's "published" book - whose publisher effectively turns out to be... Michael Brass.
  • Part six, an examination into how many copies of Michael Brass's self-published work have actually been sold.

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