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The BCSE And Religious Neutrality

The BCSE, on its website, tries to take pains to tell you that it has no religious bias or agenda - that it takes an entirely neutral position on religious matters.

It did not take much research, though, to discover that this was an obvious case of "surely he doth protest too much". The BCSE is founded and run by dogmatic anti-theists and anti-supernaturalists, who are steeped in anti-religious metaphysics at every point of their thinking.

Below are some articles which document the BCSE's real thoughts about alternatives to atheism, and hence expose the BCSE's gross and culpable dishonesty in trying to present itself as "religiously neutral" - which is of course a concept which is only meaningful in a secularist way of thinking to begin with.

  • Freedom, Pluralism and Deception - exposing the BCSE's internal discussions in which its leaders discuss their campaign goals to persuade the state to clamp down on the freedom of Christians to spread their beliefs - even to their own children.
  • "The BCSE's View Of The World" - in this series, I revealed some of the pre-launch discussions by the BCSE leaders, in which they explain that their aims are political and theological rather than scientific, that they are part of a movement to prevent a religious theocracy taking over, that their campaigning aim is to portray Christians as equivalent to paedophiles, and so on. Part 1, part 2, part 3.
  • Freedom, Pluralism and Deception 2 - exposing the campaigning activities and hypocrisy of some of the BCSE committee as they sought to lobby the prime minister to make it a crime for parents to teach their children their own religion.
  • "Cognitive Dissonance" - in which I again unmask the gaping reality gap between the BCSE's "we have no religious agenda" rhetoric, and its private conversations in which it plainly says "our aim is to oppose supernatural religion".

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