BCSE Revealed

Caught Lying to MPs

In autumn 2007, the self-styled "British Centre for Science Education", began writing to MPs. The BCSE had discovered that a new group called "Truth in Science" had launched, which was campaigning for Darwin's theory of evolution to be taught in a fuller and more balanced way.

Truth in Science ( claim that the presentation of Darwinism has become skewed, that controversial aspects are being uncritically presented to school children as facts, with the other side of the case not being heard. They apparently sent information packs to schools throughout the country for them to evaluate.


In response, the BCSE began writing to MPs, telling them that these packs were "full of errors". One MP, Graham Stringer, took the BCSE completely at face value (and who wouldn't receiving a letter from a purported national authority?) and tabled a motion in parliament to express his concern.

The problem? The BCSE had not seen the contents of the packs when it began writing these letters. It was a gross deception. They were simply lying.

When I began to expose this deception, the BCSE made things far worse for themselves, by swiftly editing its website to supply a new account of events, whose contradictions I soon exposed. This left the BCSE in an even worse condition, because it now had to explain why its first account of events needed to be replaced, as well as the contradictions in the new account.

At this point, the BCSE did what it has normally done - quickly began deleting the available evidence, and became silent, hoping that the storm would blow over.

Here are the articles in which I document these events:

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