BCSE Revealed

Atheistic and Secularist Campaigning

The BCSE's official stance is that its leaders and founders are not driven by religion. The reality though is that a vast amount of evidence exists to prove that they are - and that the official stance is hence an obvious falsehood. Generally, if you tour the Internet to look at the BCSE, look at the campaigning atheists at RichardDawkins.Net, look at the National Secular Society and British Humanist Assocation, and look at the anti-religion wing of the anti-academy schools campaign - and you'll find the same names, again and again.

  • Freedom Pluralism And Deception 2 - exposing three BCSE committee members as having lobbied the prime minister to make it illegal for parents to teach their own religion to their children: according to these BCSE leaders, all children should, by act of law, be raised in a secular manner.
  • The, BCSE Educational Incompetence And The Nazis! - in which I expose the BCSE's discussion in which they resolved that one of their campaigning aims was to make it illegal for parents to criticise Darwinism in front of their children in their own homes, and to campaign for more state monitoring of home-schooling and similar groups in order to enforce such a law.
  • "The BCSE And The Recycling Of Anti-Christian Mythology" - showing how the BCSE routinely draw their rhetoric from the apologetics of campaigning atheists. See also this article along similar lines.
  • "Were Not Anti Religion, But... (part 3)" : before the BCSE had decided whether or not to openly campaign against Christianity or whether it should present itself as neutral, its website carried a page in which it argued that evangelical Christianity was "a movement of pig-ignorant inarticulate bigots, racists, xenophobes, anti-Semites, misogynists, homophobes, rape apologists, AIDS deniers, government haters, scientific illiterates, gun-lovers, murderous paramilitaries and others predisposed towards extreme violence, half-baked misfits and haters, all obsessed with their own religious and moral superiority."
  • "Cognitive Dissonance" : in this article I expose the BCSE leaders as they discuss their real aims in their campaigning: religious (atheistic) and political, and not scientific.
  • See also: "Theocracy" series, in which I demonstrate in their own words that in the minds of the BCSE leaders, Christianity is inherently theocratic and hence must be opposed explicitly.
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