BCSE Revealed

Hiding The Evidence

One significant piece of evidence in evaluating the credibility of the BCSE has been to see how they've responded to my reports - and to compare that with how a credible, legitimate body would respond.

There are other indexes with materials on their smear, intimidation campaigns and refusal to address key questions. On this page, I list some articles which deal with the other main plank of the BCSE's responses - to run around like headless chickens to delete all the evidence about their true identities and agendas as soon as possible.

  • The Amazing Disappearing Evidence! - detailing a catalogue of sudden deletions of incriminating material, without explanation or apology, by the BCSE.
  • After launch, the BCSE decided to present itself as being religiously neutral, and definitely not motivated by hatred of Christianity. This meant that it needed to hide and then delete an embarassing section of its website, but not before I had saved a copy of it: "We're Not Anti-Religion, But...": Part one, part two, part three
  • You're Off Message! - the BCSE edit a page on its website to remove the revealing line "Welcome to the unreal fantasy world of protestant evangelical fundamentalism."
  • "Is This A Pork Pie I See Before Me?" : documenting how the BCSE's leader sought to cover-up his own atheistic bigotry. He later deleted his entire blog in order to remove the evidence in this piece!

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