BCSE Revealed


The BCSE opened its operations by claiming to be religiously neutral, and certainly not driven by religion. However, I soon exposed that the BCSE was a centre for "science education" with no qualified science educators, and began showing the things that its leaders had said about their real motivations whilst in semi-private planning.


As part of this, I showed that these leaders regularly made allegations that the UK was in danger because evangelical Christians were, in the style of militant Islamists, planning to replace our democracy with a theocracy. This, they said, was the real reason why the world needed the BCSE: so that we could be saved from this threat.

Such rants are a staple part of the diet of the Internet's more extreme atheist fundamentalists. But here they were actually the allegations of a body writing to MPs and newspapers pretending to be scientific experts yet hiding their true claims.

I exposed a series of quotations from BCSE leaders showing what they really thought, and challenging them to prove their claim. What evidence did they have for such serious allegations?

As I continued to apply the pressure, the wheels began to come off, resulting in some very revealing moments.

Series Contents:

  • Theocracy - Introduction - in this article I introduced the subject, and also had a little look at Dr. Brian Jordan, the BCSE leader responsible for writing the section on the BCSE's website about "theocracy" - and providing some documented quotes of Jordan's own atheist fundamentalism.
  • Theocracy: Part 2 - beginning our examination of the BCSE's attempts to allege that Christians in the UK are seeking to overthrow the democratic system and replace it with a theocracy. We firstly began learning from this that no such evidence exists. Secondly, we saw that the BCSE are so riddled by hatred against Christianity and Dawkins-style atheistic fundamentalism that to them any suggestion of agreeing with any religion's teachings is practically equivalent to bringing in a theocracy.
  • Theocracy: Part 3 and part 4 - continuing to evaluate the BCSE's alleged evidence that Christians in the UK are planning to replace the democratic system with a theocracy; and showing how this so-called evidence does nothing but highlight the BCSE's own anti-Christian prejudice.
  • Theocracy: Giving The Game Away - The BCSE's implicit concession that their real grudge is with Christianity for its own sake.
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