BCSE Revealed

Smear Campaigns

When it initially launched, the BCSE had some success in persuading legislators or other bodies that it was an authentic group. My revelations about the true identities and non-qualifications of its leaders, though, soon proved to be extremely damaging to the BCSE's credibility. The BCSE showed how much my research was hurting by the effort it put into its response; varying from bogus legal threats and other forms of intimidation to outright slander.

What the BCSE never put much effort into was to prove anything I'd said was wrong. The effort was all put into attacking the messenger. This was very telling; when you're in control of the facts, the insults aren't necessary; when the facts are against you, you're tempted to try something else instead. In all of this, the BCSE revealed ever more clearly that they are no group of scientists or educators, but simply a smear campaign aiming to discredit anyone who dared to question whether real science and materialist dogma are the same thing.

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  • "Not even very good at smearing!" - one BCSE committee member attempted to discredit me by claiming that I was "lying" by describing my mathematics degree as being scientific... even though my own university - and the other leading UK universities - described it that way too. Even if he'd used Wikipedia to do his research, he wouldn't have made this mistake; the basis of his research though, was... a straw poll of his co-workers in his office. Sigh!

Roger Stanyard's Departure And Return

In mid-2007, the BCSE's founder and de-facto leader fell out with his colleagues, and left. A fortnight later, they made up and he was back. I discovered this and started blogging about it - but without disclosing my proof to begin with. The BCSE responded with the most outrageous campaign of smears and lies, believing that I didn't have any evidence. This decision turned out to be a disaster when I produced the evidence - showing the moral vacuum that went to the BCSE's core, as a majority of the BCSE's leadership was shown either to have spread slanders they knew to be false, or to have made no protest when the proposal to do so was made.

  • Part one, the short article which started it all off.
  • Part two, the follow-up in which I survey the allegations made by the BCSE's leaders, and point out some obvious discrepancies in their story.
  • Part three, in which I display the evidence that the BCSE pre-meditated a campaign of slander against me, using allegations which they knew in advance were false. All in their own words!
  • Part four, continuing the proof of the BCSE's cynical choice to run a slander campaign using allegations it knew were false.
  • Part five, in which I reveal more details about what the BCSE was saying internally about Stanyard's resignation.
  • Part six, continuing to document how deep the deliberate deception went within the BCSE: all the way through it.
  • Part seven: the BCSE's response to being caught out: deleting the evidence, bluffing, hiding...

Silencing Criticism

  • The BCSE Guide To Silencing Criticism - how the BCSE persuaded the Guardian newspaper to remove links to material exposing their true identity and agenda by making legal claims that they knew to be spurious.
  • The BCSE used to have a section on its website, claiming that my research was unreliable because I had never checked any of it with them for their response in advance of publishing. This section disappeared after I began doing so - and getting only silence in response. In other words, the BCSE's claim that it had a "side of the story" that it was willing to give me was an untruth.
  • The BCSE Versus Copyright Law : The BCSE sought to silence me by falsely claiming that my quoting anything they said I was in breach of copyright law. This prompted me to reveal that their own website contains over a dozen entire articles lifted from copyrighted sources without permission.
  • "Personal Responses" - a partial list of some of the hate-mail sent my way (or posted on the Internet) by the BCSE's leaders and members.
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