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Roger Stanyard leaves the BCSE

(Originally published on my blog on 25th June 2007, this post prompted the BCSE to its worst - and most disastrous for them - smear campaign against me since it began, as I ended being able to easily prove both that every word I had said was correct, and that the BCSE leaders had conspired in secret to slander me on the basis that they didn't think I would be able to prove it).

The BCSE: Decline And Fall: It's Well Underway Now

Here's some news: Roger Stanyard, until now the de facto BCSE leader, has left. (Read stories involving Mr. Stanyard here). He has removed his name from the front page of the site, deleted his e-mail address "[email protected]" from the "contacts" page, and deleted his mobile phone number as the BCSE's main contact number.

Before (e-mail address "[email protected]"):


After (the e-mail address is now "[email protected]", and Stanyard's invitation to call his mobile phone gone):


As yet, the BCSE have not made any official comment on this departure. I suppose that they are hoping that nobody will notice, and that it won't need commenting on. They have tried this strategy before, and I invite my readers to review the articles on Leeds University to see what the BCSE are still hoping not too many people know about. The BCSE are still doing their best to avoid explaining the legal action that the University threatened them with for the appalling dross that the BCSE presented as "research" on their website: see here. As yet, the BCSE have refused to provide any explanation.

As predicted, the BCSE is falling apart. What other predictions will come true? Let's wait and see. But the fact is, that Stanyard has done the great majority of work in the BCSE until now. The BCSE is now going to have to relaunch itself, because more than half of it has just left! The BCSE is in disarray...

See the continuation of this matter here: It seems that Stanyard has returned (or is in the process of returning). A further twist, though, is that the BCSE have tried to spin this incident by throwing the spotlight onto me, alleging that I have made the whole story up. I, though, will show the BCSE are deliberately lying in the hope that I won't have the evidence to prove it...

David Anderson

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