BCSE Revealed

The BCSE's Lack Of Educational Knowledge

This page details the lack of knowledge of the UK education system possessed by the group of individuals representing themselves to the public as authorities on it. :

The evidence here is pretty damning - here, we have a collection of individuals presenting themselves as experts, whereas in fact not one of them has ever been a science teacher, and between them at the time they were publicly launching they did not even know what the National Curriculum was.

  • The BCSE, Educational Incompetence and the Nazis! - detailing the completely mistaken view of the UK education system held by the BCSE; plus, what law would the BCSE like to see put into place that has only been enacted in Europe in modern times in Nazi Germany?
  • The BCSE, Educational Incompetence and the Nazis! (Part 2) - part two of the above article.
  • What Is The National Curriculum? : In this article I exposed the fact that at the same time as the BCSE were lobbying MPs and newspapers, presenting themselves as national experts, their internal discussions demonstrated that they not only did they not have any science teachers who implemented the national curriculum in their membership, they didn't even have an accurate knowledge of what the national curriculum was - let alone what was in it!

See also:

  • No Science Educators - showing the lack of science educators in the body fraudulently posing as a national centre of them.
  • The index of BCSE leaders, exposing the fact that there's not one science teacher, past or present, amongst them.

In fact, because the BCSE have no practical experience of science teaching and because it's actually a long way away from their real interests, they hardly ever talk about subjects even closely related to it. Hence there is very little to say about their output on the subject: there is virtually no actual output to evaluate!

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