BCSE Revealed

The British Centre for Science Education - Who Are They?

In Autumn 2006, a new name suddenly appeared in national debate. Mentioned in a parliamentary motion, and with letters in national newspapers - the very authoritative-sounding "British Centre for Science Education". If, though, you were to try to find out anything about this body - its members, their qualifications, their experience in science or education - you'd not have any joy. They had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and the only way to find out about them was through their own website: which contained none of their names.

I, though, had been tracking this group for some time before they launched, and was ready to start revealing their true identities and lack of experience or credentials in both science and education.

Below is a list of articles that I published to unmask them:

  • Who are the BCSE - beginning the investigation - November 2006. (This article reveals the facts that the BCSE were effectively a re-launch of a previous, ineffective group of anti-religious campaigners, and demonstrated the untruthfulness of the description they supplied on the front page of their new website).
  • Who are the BCSE 2 - October 2007. In this article I document the changes in the BCSE's website in the year since it's launch - and how it has reverted to being a basically anonymous organisation. A year's worth of revelations about the individuals involved led the BCSE to... seek to hide the names of all those involved lest people cotton on.
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