BCSE Revealed

George Jelliss

(See the index of past and present committee members, here).

Mr. Jelliss was involved in the discussions leading up to the launch of the BCSE from the beginning.

Mr. Jelliss has never been on the BCSE committee. A campaigning atheist and secularist, he turns up in these stories:

  • "The BCSE And The Recycling of Anti-Christian Mythology"
  • "You're Off Message (2)", in which Mr. Jelliss makes a clear statement that one of the main purposes of the BCSE is to oppose evangelical Christianity; and also reveals that he greatly misunderstands the same.
  • "Wider Membership" - "George Jelliss: A prominent member of Leicester Secular Society. Mr. Jelliss maintains the LSS's website. In April 2006 the LSS organised a special outing to demonstrate in support of "Jerry Springer The Opera", a spiteful and gratuitous mockery of everything connected with Christianity. So I think I can tell where they're coming from...".
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