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Criticism of the BCSE: Not Welcome!

(This article was first published on my blog in December 2006, and details how the BCSE, in a fit of desperation, tried to prevent my continual exposes by preventing me from reading its website; with a method so crude that they blocked every NTL customer across a few hundred square miles!)

So, what kind of organisation are the BCSE? One that is up-front, nothing to hide, and is confident it can stand up to scrutiny?

Or one that will find any kind of detailed scrutiny (such as I am attempting) just a bit too much to handle?

Well, today the BCSE have given us some more data to chew over...

Try This

Now, if you were to follow this link to the BCSE's homepage, then I expect you'd not have any trouble:

However, if I follow it, then this happens:

Yup. They've blocked me.

Why do you think they might want to do that? Surely not because I exposed this, this or this?

Meanwhile, following my latest article, the word "aliens" has disappeared from the BCSE website, as far as allegations that creationists believe in them go. But, precisely as I predicted, a new set of allegations has taken their place and the old ones have vanished as if they were never there. That's right - no apology to those they told falsehoods about, no footnotes to let you know that they are admitting that they got it hopelessly wrong... just a good ol' whitewash and the hope that nobody will ever come round here and find out what went on!

As I've said before, my response to this isn't going to debunk every last allegation the BCSE can concoct. My aim is to show how the BCSE do business, and let you draw your own conclusions. I think we've done that pretty well on this one.

One final change on the BCSE website. Up until yesterday, if you knew the link, you could obtain from it a list of pages that had changed recently. It goes without saying that researchers into the BCSE, such as myself, found this rather helpful! Now, once again, the BCSE, having found out that information about them was leaking, and have put a stop to it...

( - this is a different link to the one which the BCSE shut down earlier)

I plan to be posting tomorrow on the university which has threatened the BCSE with legal action over its statements. If you remember, the BCSE have complained that I never check my facts with them before posting. I've given them an opportunity, having e-mailed their chairman last week and posted a public invitation on my blog yesterday- and so far, it's just silence. Will they give me their side of the story? Will they edit the propaganda page on their website which says that I never check facts with them? Find out tomorrow... (see the main page for that story here).

David Anderson

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